Orange County California Criminal index online

The Orange County California criminal and traffic index is now in a searchable database online. According to the press release, the criminal case “on-line application provides hearing dates, times and locations, and charges in criminal cases. Search for case information can be done by entering the defendant’s name or by case number. Courtroom calendars for criminal matters are also available with this new feature.”

The court site tutorial explains the various fields but it doesn’t give the dates the index covers. An initial search showed cases back to 1988.

This is one of the more comprehensive online indexes, certainly than others in California, listing the names of the attorneys, including the District Attorney and Public Defender. It shows violations, with their disposition, including charges that were dismissed. Defendant aliases and co-defendant identities are shown. Search by first name, last name or both.


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  1. I need a copy of my Juvenile criminal record, or lack thereof, to prove to the US ARMY that I was not arrested several times before I enlisted in the military. I am trying to get the medical coverage I deserve as a combat Veteran.

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