Why Does This County Website Link To a Non-Government Site?

Why would a county government website link to a limited-value non-government directory with only three links to that county’s records? There’s so much that’s wrong with the site that calls itself “open public records.” The first line in the introductory paragraph for each county page encourages you to search “County public records using best found research sources online.” Huh? What is “best found?” Perhaps, “we did our best and this is all we found?”

But worse, why does La Paz County link to it, and under the heading, “Legal Notices and Required Links?”

There is a more well-regarded, long-standing public record directory, if La Paz County, Arizona wants to inform its citizens of other sources of county searchable databases.

Additionally, the commercial website has a search form that is potentially misleading. It suggests that the court search is of local county records, but it is actually retrieving Federal court records. And those are for the past few years, only.

PACER is the government service that provides Federal court records online, which anyone can use to search and retrieve case dockets and filings. If you just need to do a quick search, PacerMonitor returns more details in their free search. Or, search by party name at Justia to view limited case information. Then select the online links to news and other sources naming that party.


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