Missouri Public Salaries


Missouri Public SalariesThis is a directory of links to state, county and municipal government salary and employee name databases. These searchable databases of government salaries, pay, overtime and compensation of government workers are compiled by news organizations, consumer watchdog organizations, open government advocates and government agencies. These are helpful to private investigators and judgment collectors to find place of employment and locate assets. Look up salaries and employees’ names.

Missouri State Employee Phone Directory
State Employee Salaries
State Employee Salaries
State of Missouri, Office of Administration, State Employees
State of Missouri Secretary of State, 2011-2014 Official Manual Personnel Search
State of Missouri Secretary of State, 2009-2010 Official Manual Personnel Search
State of Missouri Secretary of State, 2007-2008 Official Manual Personnel Search
State of Missouri Secretary of State, 2005-2006 Official Manual Personnel Search
State of Missouri Secretary of State, 2004-2003 Official Manual Personnel Search
State of Missouri Secretary of State, 2004-2003 Official Manual Personnel Search
State of Missouri Secretary of State, 2001-2002 Official Manual Personnel Search
Missouri State Employee’s Retirement System – Vendors, Benefit Recipients, Employees (MOSERS)
MoDOT & Highway Patrol Employees’ Retirement System members and pension payments
University of Missouri salaries, 2013-2014; 2014, University of Missouri, 2012 and here
University of Missouri employee payroll, 2014-2015
Missouri Educator salaries database, 2012-13, 2012, 2007-2008
Missouri State University Employees database
University of Missouri Employee Directory and Find Faculty, Staff and Students
Fire protection district employee payrolls
Missouri Highway Patrol Payroll
Public Workers, Public Salaries in various jurisdictions
Arnold City Payroll
Ballwin City Payroll, 2013, 2012
Branson School Employees
Cape Girardeau County Salaries (pdf)
Chadwick School Employees
Chesterfield city worker pay
Christian County Employees Salaries – names, titles, salaries and departments
Clay County salaries (government site)
Clayton Employee Payroll
Crestwood city employee payroll
Creve Coeur city payroll, 2010, 2015
School Employees at the school districts: Branson, Chadwick, Clever, Crane, Fair Grove, Fordland, Forsyth, Galena, Hollister, Hurley, Kirbyville, Logan-Rogersville, Niangua, Nixa, Ozark, Reeds Spring, Republic, Seymour, Sparta, Spokane, Strafford, Taneyville, Walnut Grove
Fairview Heights city payroll
Florissant payroll database
Franklin County, 2011 and 2014
Greene County Employees, 2007 and 2008
Jefferson County Employee Payroll
Kansas City Employees, 2016
Kirkwood city employee salaries
Kirksville city and Adair County employees, 2009
Madison County Employee Payroll
Maryland Heights employee payroll
Mehlville Fire Protection District employees
Monarch Fire Protection District and here
O’Fallon City Pay
Ozark Employee Directory
Ozarks Technical Community College, 2008
Polk County Employee Government Pay – name, title and salaries
City of Springfield Government Pay, 2007 – name, title, salaries and employment status
City of Springfield employees payouts to for sick, personal, vacation and other various leave time, 2005-2006
City of Springfield Utilities Employees – names, titles and salaries
Springfield School Employees, 2007-2008 and 2010-2011
St. Charles City Pay Database
St. Charles County Payroll, 2013
St. Charles Community College salaries
St. Louis City Payroll, 2013
St. Louis Circuit Attorney salaries
St. Louis Community College salaries
St. Louis firefighter pay, 2011
St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Pay
St. Louis County employee salaries, 2014
Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) employee pay
St. Louis Collector of Revenue salaries
Stone County Employees – names, titles, departments, hire dates and salaries
St. Peters Employee Payroll, 2014
Sunset Hills employee payroll
University City employee payroll, 2014
Taney County Employees – names, offices, salaries pay intervals
Webster Groves City Payroll
Wildwood city employee payroll

If you know of or you’re looking for a database or list of employees that isn’t here it doesn’t mean it’s not out there. Ask me and I’ll look for it and add it to PI buzz. There are so many government agency directories and salary lists that I can’t keep up with adding them as quickly as they proliferate.


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