Federal Contractors – approved and debarred

The Excluded Parties List System is a federal General Services Administration database of private contractors which are banned from receiving federal contracts. Search by individual or company name. Results return address, DUNS, action date and agency.

The Project On Government Oversight maintains the Federal Contractors Misconduct Database, a partial index to some misconduct by the largest government contractors. The authors explain their methodology:”This compilation is, by necessity, incomplete, as there is no official central repository of information about violations committed by contractors. Therefore, for this investigation a myriad of public records were searched for primary source data.”

The Laborers’ Union links to lists of debarred contractors maintained by state governments. Most of the sites are the state agencies that oversee the enforcement of the prevailing wage laws for public works construction contracts. More government contract research sources are compiled by the Center for Corporate Policy.

Register at the Federal Procurement Data System Web site to search by name for companies that have secured contracts with the federal government. Search for federal grants and contracts that are currently available.

The federal Central Contractor Registration database can be searched by company name and returns details on the companies state of incorporation, types of services performed, the principals of the company and the status of their registration.

Some companies that have registered as a Small or Disadvantaged Business may be found in the Small Business Administration database.

OMB Watch, a project of the Sunlight Foundation, provides a more usable database for searching federal contracts and grants in their Fedspending.org database. The data is drawn from the Federal Procurement Data System and the Federal Assistance Award Data System and is only as complete as the data the government releases.

The data are often missing parts or sections and at times are significantly limited in its usefulness. This is solely because of the way the government collects and manages the information. OMB Watch is not responsible for the quality of the data and hopes the use of this website will prompt the government to improve the quality of the information it collects and provides to the public.


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