Wisconsin Public Salaries


Wisconsin Public SalariesThis is a directory of links to state, county and municipal government salary and employee name databases. These searchable databases of government salaries, pay, overtime and compensation of government workers are compiled by news organizations, consumer watchdog organizations, open government advocates and government agencies. These are helpful to private investigators and judgment collectors to find place of employment and locate assets. Look up salaries and employees’ names.

State of Wisconsin Employee Telephone Directory
Wisconsin State Vendor Payments
State of Wisconsin Payroll Data, 2013 (PDF)
Wisconsin county employee salaries – ALL Counties
Wisconsin Public school employee pay in districts across Wisconsin, 2013-2014
Wisconsin public school system, 2013-2014, 2014
University of Wisconsin System Payroll, 2013
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Wisconsin licensed public teachers
Wisconsin Technical College database, 2013-2015
Wisconsin public school administrator, teacher and staff (see “All Staff Reports”)
Wisconsin salary database, 2013, 2014
Wisconsin State employee payroll
State employee pay, 2011; 2013, 2013-2014
State of Wisconsin payroll database, 2008
Wisconsin public schools system salaries
University of Wisconsin System salaries, 2015
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Campus Directory Search
State Senate Salaries Database, 2014, 2015
Wisconsin salaries for municipal employees; Wisconsin city and town employees and salaries
Dane County salaries, 2014
Kenosha area municipal and school salaries (Kenosha Area: Kenosha, Kenosha County, Kenosha County Circuit Court
KUSD; County Municipalities: Bristol, Paddock Lake, Paris Township, Pleasant Prairie, Randall Township, Salem Township, Silver Lake, Twin Lakes, Wheatland, Wilmot-Trevor: County Schools: Brighton School, Bristol School, Central High School, Randall School, Riverview School,
Wheatland School; Higher Education: Gateway Technical College, UW – Parkside
Kenosha County staff directory
Kenosha County Salaries, 2013; 2014
La Crosse City and County Employee Salaries, 2018
City of Madison Employees Database, 2000-2013
City of Madison Employees Directory
Madison Area Technical College
Milwaukee City Employees, 2014
Milwaukee County employee pay and overtime, 2010-2014 and here
Milwaukee Public Schools Salary Database, 2015
Milwaukee Area Technical College employee salaries, 2015
Manitowoc City Salaries, 2011 (government site) (PDF)
Marathon County Employee Phone Directory
Ozaukee County salary database, 2014
Racine city employees, 2009
Racine County Salary Database, 2014, 2015
Shorewood Employee Salary Database
Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohican Indians Employee Directory (PDF)
Walworth County salary database, 2014
Waukesha County employee pay and overtime

If you know of or you’re looking for a database or list of employees that isn’t here it doesn’t mean it’s not out there. Ask me and I’ll look for it and add it to PI buzz. There are so many government agency directories and salary lists that I can’t keep up with adding them as quickly as they proliferate.


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  1. I do not think I made myself clear. For that I apologize.
    Do you know where there is a website that would tell the salaries off all county employees in Winnebago County. I found a state one.

  2. Can you tell me the salaries for 2017 or 2018 for Winnebago County Wisconsin? OR can you tell me how to find them.

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