California Public Salaries


California Public SalariesThis is a directory of links to state, county and municipal government salary and employee name databases. These searchable databases of government salaries, pay, overtime and compensation of government workers are compiled by news organizations, consumer watchdog organizations, open government advocates and government agencies. These are helpful to private investigators and judgment collectors to find place of employment and locate assets. Look up salaries and employees’ names.

State Employee Directory
California Public Employees Salaries and Pensions, 2011-2016, Public Employee Salaries for 10 largest cities and counties, 2008-2012
State Employees Salaries, 2007-2017; State Worker Salaries, 2014;
Salaries for 10 largest cities and counties

State/Local Employee Salaries
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory worker salaries, 2006-2007
University of California staff, student and faculty employees, 2010-2014 (government site)
University of California salaries, 2006-2010
University of California salaries, 2006-2008 and here
University of California salaries, 2004-2014 and 2007 (includes student workers)
University of California salaries and compensation over $25,000
UC Employee Salaries, Highest paid workers, 2008
University of California Campus Directories
UC Davis Directory of students, faculty and staff
UC Irvine Directory of Faculty, Staff and Students
UCLA Directory of Faculty, Staff and Students
UC Riverside Directory of Faculty, Staff and Students
UC San Francisco people search
University of California, Santa Cruz Campus and Alumni Directory
California State University Campus Personnel Locators
California State Long Beach search for faculty, staff and students
Cal State University, Northridge, People Finder
California State University, Northridge salaries, 2012
Sacramento State Directory of staff and faculty
Cal State University, salaries over $100,000, 2008
Local Government Salaries and Compensation – Links to government websites (no names)
California Department of Food & Agriculture Employee Directory
Agoura Hills employee listing, salary and benefits, 2011, 2010
Alameda County Fire Department Retirees’ Roster, 2007
Alameda County Vendors; Find vendors by NAICS code, SIC code, business name, city and/or zip code.
Alameda Hospital salaries, 2012
Alameda city employee earnings and benefits, 2011
Alameda Unified School District salaries, 2012
Amador County Employee Directory
City of Anaheim, Building Division, current and former employees, 2010
Azusa employee directory
Banning Employee Directory
Belvedere Employee Directory
Beaumont employee directory
Butte College, Butte County, Cal Fire-Butte County and the Chico Unified School District, Chico State University, City of Chico, City of Oroville
Antioch, salaries over $100,000, 2008
BART employees salaries, earners over $100, 000
BART Employee Reimbursements, 2011
Bellarmine College Preparatory, Staff Directory
Belmont – Carlmont High School Staff Directory
Benicia city employees salaries, 2009, 2010, 2011
Berkeley city earners over $100, 000
City of Berkeley Staff Directory (search by name)
Beverly Hills City Staff Wages, 2011, part 1, 2012
Blythe Employee Directory
City of Burbank employee earnings, 2009-2014 (government site)
Burbank Accounts Payable Vendor Payment Listing Report
Butte County Salaries, 2006-2015
Cabrillo College salary database, 2010
Calabasas personnel and salaries, 2010
Capistrano Unified School District administrator salaries
Capitola salary database, 2008
Carmel Employees, 2013
Carson City employee directory
Chino Hills employee directory
Chula Vista salaries above $100,000
Chula Vista, Southwestern College, Full-Time Employees, 2014
Coachella employee directory
Colusa County employee directory
Commerce Employee Directory
Concord city earners over $100, 000, 2009
Conejo Valley Unified School District, staff salaries and benefits, 2010 and 2011
Contra Costa County staff directory
Contra Costa, salaries over $100,000, 2008, 2009
Contra Costa County SEIU 521 Shop Stewards, June 2011
Corona – Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary staff directory
Coronado employee directory
City of Costa Mesa Compensation Reports, with employee names and salaries, 2011-2014; Staff Directory
Cuesta College Salaries, 2020, 2013-2019
Danville Town Employees, 2009 (pdf)
Delano employee directory
Delta College employees who earned over $100,000 in the 2008-09 school year
Dixon employee directory
Dublin employee directory
Dublin High School Staff Directory
El Cerrito employee directory
El Dorado County Office of Education, countywide personnel search
Elk Grove city employees and salaries
City of El Segundo employee names and earnings, 2009, 2011
Emeryville employee directory
City of Fairfield Top Earners, 2009
Fairfield – Travis Unified School District employee directory
Fresno County employee annual salaries, 2012
County and City of Fresno and surrounding towns, local government pay records
Fresno – Bullard High School faculty and staff directory
Fresno County, Kings County, Madera County, San Joaquin County, Tulare County and cities salaries, 2012 for the following: Avenal Chowchilla Clovis Coalinga Corcoran Dinuba Exeter Farmersville Firebaugh Fowler Fresno (city) Fresno County Hanford Huron Kerman Kings County Kingsburg Lemoore Lindsay Madera (city) Madera County Mendota Orange Cove Parlier Porterville Reedley San Joaquin Sanger Selma Tulare (city) Tulare County Visalia Woodlake
Fresno, Kings, Madera and Tulare counties County schools and colleges employees, 2012 (San Joaquin County)
Folsom city employee directory
Folsom city employees and salaries
Fontana employee directory
Fortuna employee directory
Fremont Employee Directory
City of Fremont Top Earners, 2008
Fremont Police Department Personnel Roster
City of Fullerton executives compensation
City of Galt and Galt School District employees who earned over $100,000 in 2008-09
City of Garden Grove salary schedules (no names)
Garden Grove employee directory
City of Gilroy employee earnings, 2011, 2012
City of Gonzales workers and pay
City of Greenfield workers and pay
Grover Beach employee directory
Hanford city staff directory
City of Hayward Staff Directory
City of Healdsburg employee directory
Hemet employee directory
City of Hermosa Beach staff directory
Humboldt County employees on paid administrative leave
Huntington Park employee directory
Imperial Valley cities and school district salaries, 2011
Imperial Valley salaries, 2010 – City of Imperial, Imperial County, Imperial County Office of Education and Imperial Irrigation District
Irvine – University High School Staff Directory
Kern County salary schedule (no names)
City of King City workers and pay
City of Laguna Beach salary schedules (no names)
City of Laguna Beach Telephone and Email Directory
Laguna Nigel employee directory
Lake County salary database (no names)
La Mirada Check Register and Vendors
City of La Palma salary schedules (no names)
La Mesa employee directory
Lancaster staff directory
La Palma Employee Directory
La Quinta – Desert Sands Unified School District employee directory
Larkspur employee directory
Las Virgenes Unified School District staff salaries, 2010
Las Virgenes Water District employees, 2009
Lemon Grove employee directory
Lincoln, Western Placer USD – Lincoln High School staff directory
City of Livermore Top Earners, 2009, 2008
Livermore – Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) Phonebook
Lodi and Lodi School District employees who earned over $100,000 in 2008-09
City of Los Angeles employee salaries
Los Angeles Police Officers, 2008-2012
City of Los Angeles employee salaries (no names) and at the L.A. Times (no names)
Los Angeles Department of Power and Water workers, 2008-2012 and 2007
City of Los Angeles salary table, 8/5/2010 (no names) and job class title with salary (no names), 10/5/2010 with salary rates and salary steps
Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley Cities, Local Officials Salaries
Los Angeles Unified School District Employee Salaries; 2014
Los Angeles Department Water and Power employee salaries as of Sept. 11, 2007
Los Angeles city employee overtime database 2007-2008
Los Angeles city furlough report, 2008
Los Angeles – Valley Valedictorians, 2008
Los Angeles County, Department of Public Social Services, Greater Avenues for Independence (GAIN) Employee Telephone and Email Directory, 2010
Los Angeles Department Of Public Social Services Business Services Specialist roster, 2012
Los Angeles Bureau of Workforce Services roster, 2011
Los Angeles Department of Public Works special inspector roster, 2010-2014
Los Angeles County Alternate Public Defender staff
Los Banos city workers pay
Los Gatos employee directory
Malibu salaries, 2010-2011
Malibu staff directory
Mammoth Lakes employee directory
Marin County Salaries, 2009-2010, earners over $100.000
Marin County pension database
Marin water district payroll, 2006 & 2007, earners over $100,000
County of Marin Contact Directory Search
Marina employee directory
Mariposa County staff directory
Mendocino County salary database (no names)
Menifee employee directory
Menlo Park Fire Protection District Salaries, 2014
Merced County workers pay: Atwater, Atwater Elementary School District, Los Banos, Los Banos Unified School District, Merced, Merced County, Merced County Office of Education, Merced River School District, Planada Elementary School District, UC Merced, Weaver Union School District
Merced County employee directory
Milpitas High School Staff Directory
Monterey County Office of Education, Directory of Private and Public Schools and Employees, 2014
Morgan Hill Town Employee Compensation, 2009 (Excel) and
2010 (Excel)
Morgan Hill employee directory
City of Morro Bay compensation schedules (no names)
City of Mountain View employee directory
Napa County, salaries over $100,000, 2009, Napa County, salaries over $100,000, 2008
Napa Valley Unified School District employee directory (search by name)
Newark Employee Directory
Newport Beach employee directory
Corona-Norco USD directories
Norco High School Staff Directory
Norwalk, Top Salaries, 2013
City of Oakland, City Directory
Oakland, salaries over $100,000, 2008
Oakland Police Department names and salaries, 2000 (Excel), 2001 (Excel), 2002 (Excel), 2003 (Excel), 2004 (Excel), 2005 (Excel), 2006 (Excel), 2007 (Excel), 2008 (Excel), 2009 (Excel), 2010 (Excel), 2011 (Excel), 2012 (Excel), 2013 (Excel)
Oakpark Unified School District, staff salaries and pensions, 2010, 2011
Ontario staff directory
County of Orange Employee Compensation, 2013 (XLS)
Orange County employee salary information, 2011 (government site)
Orange County’s top pensions
Orange County Fire Authority firefighter salaries, overtime pay
Orange County Sheriff”s deputies salary data, 2007 (Select search to see and sort names)
Orange County school employee pay, earners above $25,000, 2009-2010, 2010-2011
Orange County school districts and Department of Education employee compensation, top earners, 2009-2010
Pacific Grove city staff directory (search by name)
Pajaro Valley Unified School District 2008-09 fiscal year salary database and 2010-2011
City of Palo Alto employee pay, 2011, Palo Alto employee salaries, 2012
Palo Alto High School Staff Directory
Town of Paradise employees salaries, 2010
Pasadena employees earning over $100,000
Pasadena City College employee compensation
Piedmont High School employee directory
Pismo Beach employee directory
Pittsburg city directory
Placentia employee directory
Placentia government pay
City of Placentia salary schedules (no names)
City of Placentia salary schedules – part-time employees (no names)
Pleasant Hill employee directory
Plumas County employee directory
Port Hueneme Employee Directory
Rancho Cucamonga employee directory
Rancho Palos Verdes Vendors
Reedley Check Registers, with vendor names, 2010-2011
City of Redding salary and compensation tables (no names except department heads)
Anderson, Redding, Shasta Lake and Red Bluff, Shasta County and Shasta County Superior Court Employee Compensation, 2014-2015
Redlands City government managers compensation
Redlands City salary schedules (no names)
City of Redwood City salary plan (no names)
Richmond Employee Directory
Richmond City Salaries, 2013 (Excel)
City of Richmond Top Earners, 2009, 2008
Ridgecrest – Cerro Coso Community College staff directory
City of Rocklin salary schedules (no names)
City of Rohnert Park employees and salaries, 2011
Rohnert Park staff directory
Rolling Hills Employee Directory
City of Roseville salary schedule (no names)
Sacramento County and City Employee Salaries
City of Salinas workers and pay
San Anselmo Employee Directory
County of San Bernardino salary schedules (no names)
San Bernardino Schools staff directory, 2012
San Bernardino City Unified School District
San Bernardino Community College District (SBCCD) staff directory
County of San Diego employees extra pay
UC San Diego Campus Directory Search for Faculty and Staff
City of San Francisco, Top Earners, 2009-2013
San Francisco City Employee Telephone Directory
San Francisco State University email and people lookup
San Francisco State Faculty and Staff Alphabetical Directory, 2007
San Francisco Unified School, directory of administrators (does not include teachers)
San Gabriel employee directory
San Joaquin County employee pension payments over $100,000 – Search by department to get names
San Joaquin County employees who earned over $100,000 in 2008-09
San Jose Employee Directory
City of San Jose employee names and salaries, 2012 (government site)
City of San Jose Top Earners, 2009, 2008
San Jose – Luther Burbank School District teacher directory
San Jose – Moreland School District employee directory
San Jose – Pioneer High School Staff Directory
San Luis Obispo County towns, top city officials earnings
San Luis Obispo Teacher Salaries
San Luis Obispo County Office of Education Staff
San Marcos city staff directory
San Mateo employee directory
San Mateo County Top Earners, 2009, 2008
San Pablo employee directory
Santa Barbara County salary ranges and classifications (no names) and Department, Job Title, Compensation (no names, PDF)
Santa Clara County Top Earners, 2009
Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority, employee reimbursements, 2011, 2009
City of Santa Cruz salary database for 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012
Santa Cruz County Employee Salaries, 2008 and 2009 and 2010, 2012
Santa Cruz Metro salaries, 2009 and 2008
Santa Cruz County Office of Education salary database, 2009, 2011 and here
Santa Cruz County District Office Personnel 2010-2011
UC Santa Cruz salary database, 2008-09
City of Santa Maria, employee directory, 2013
City of Santa Rosa Top Earners, 2008 and 2007
City of Saratoga salaries, 2007
Scotts Valley salary database, 2008, 2009, 2010, 20112012
Santa Cruz County Office of Education salary database
Shafter employee directory
Santa Monica High School Staff Directory
Santa Rosa city Top Earners, 2009
Shasta Lake employee directory
Solano County Top Earners, 2009, 2008
Soledad City employees and pay
Soledad employee directory
Sonoma County government salaries, 2012
Sonoma County government salary database, 2010
Sonoma State University, Faculty and Staff Directory
Sonoma County employee pension records, 2011, 2012
Sonoma County pension payments, 2011
Sonoma County employee credit card charges; search by employee name
South Lake Tahoe employee directory
South Orange County Community College District salary schedules (no names)
City of South Pasadena, salaries and benefits (no names)
South San Francisco staff directory
Stanislaus County Office of Education Staff Directory
Stanton employee directory
Stockton salaries, 2010
Stockton – Valley Mountain Regional Center Staff
Sunnyvale employee salaries, 2003-2011
Sutter County salary schedules (no names)
Tehachapi Employee Directory
Thousand Oaks names and salaries, 2010
County of Tulare and surrounding towns, local government pay records (Central San Joaquin Valley – Fresno, Kings, Madera and Tulare counties)
Tulare County employees, top earners (pdf)
Vacaville staff directory
Vacaville city payroll, 2011
Vacaville, salaries over $100,000, 2008
Vallejo salaries, 2012
Vallejo, salaries over $100,000, 2008
Ventura County Public Schools Directory (search by employee name, Internet Explorer only)
Ventura County pensions over $100,000
Visalia city employee telephone numbers, 2012
Visalia Unified School District staff telephone directory, 2007-2008, 2006-2007, 2005-2006, 2004-2005
Vista city check registers
City of Watsonville salary database for 2009, 2008, 2011, 2012
West Hollywood staff directory
Westlake Village salaries, 2010
Westminster employee directory, A-M
Westminster employee directory, N-Z
City of Westminster salary schedules (no names)
West Sacramento city employees and salaries
Whittier Union High School District Staff Directory
Windsor employee directory
Yuba County salary schedules (no names)

Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Joaquin, San Mateo, Santa Clara and Solano counties, AC Transit, BART, East Bay MUD, East Bay Regional Parks, Golden Gate Bridge District, West Contra Costa Transit and cities and municipal government salaries of employees in 355 bay area agencies, all in one database, throughout the San Francisco Bay Area [Removed by the Mercury News] Anahein City, Beverly Hills, Culver City, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Glendale, Santa Monica, Pasadena, Torrance, $100,000+ earners, 2007
Golden Gate Bridge District public payroll database

If you know of or you’re looking for a database or list of employees that isn’t here it doesn’t mean it’s not out there. Ask me and I’ll look for it and add it to PI buzz. There are so many government agency directories and salary lists that I can’t keep up with adding them as quickly as they proliferate.


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