Finding public conservators and guardians

The National Guardianship Association is a voluntary organization of court appointed guardians and conservators.

A guardian is:

An individual or organization named by order of the court to exercise any or all powers and rights over the person and/or the estate of an individual. The term includes conservators and certified private or public fiduciaries. All guardians are accountable to the court.

A search of the database of members by state or city returns a list with names, addresses, Web sites, emails and whether the affiliation is as a professional or a volunteer.

California trustees and professional conservators and guardians are included in the Statewide Registry of Private Conservators, Guardians and Trustees, searchable by partial name or location. Some registrants list extensive biographical, educational and employment data.

This resource is a good example of the “invisible Web“, the portion of Web sites that can’t be found through search engines, no matter how many ways you formulate a search query. Various guesstimates are that 25-50 percent of the Web is beyond the reach of the search engines.

Read a brief tutorial on reaching into the deep Web.


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