Information disclosure in federal & state laws lists several new reports released by open government organizations. The National Freedom of Information Coalition (NFOIC) report, Federal Controls on State Information Disclosure:FERPA, HIPAA and DPPA, addresses “barriers to state records that federal legislation erects.”

Also, go to The National Freedom of Information Coalition site for a 50 state resource guide to state public information access laws, FOI advocates, publications and form letters for public record requests. Follow the links at each state site to reach the state organizations that advocate for open records.

The Idaho Press Club, guide to Idaho Pronunciations wards off embarrassment for outsiders calling locals.

The New Jersey Government Records Council is “the facilitator of open government in New Jersey.” See their site for Open Public Records Act cases and guides.

Iowa Freedom of Information Council cites the state laws on public access to government information but also has explanatory notes. The Iowa Association of Private Investigators is among this organization’s members, setting an example that all private investigator professional groups should follow with their state Freedom of Information advocates.

The Canadian Newspaper Association posts Freedom of Information Audits on the response of federal, municipal and provincial governments to public information requests.

Federal FOIA resources include sample letters and international FOI laws.

[Note: This links in this post were revised February 26, 2014.]

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