~ your continuing education ~

Internet searching is ubiquitous. But, as with so many areas of life, searching skill is not. You want results for the hours and hours you spent culling the web to fact check, develop company intelligence or personal background. Private investigator, get ye back to school! New York City, the spring and WebSearch University! They claim that in two days we’ll freshen our knowledge on search engine developments, search strategies, blogging, open access, hidden Web resources, and competitive intelligence. Several teachers are internet searchers I really value. Mary Ellen Bates posts all too infrequently to her Tip of the Month site (aren’t we still waiting for January?). Every researcher hungry for the latest in business resources is on Genie Tyburski’s The Virtual Chase. Gary Price offers an unending quantity of quality library reports and news over at the ResourseShelf. Those are more than enough reasons to get me to NYC in May.


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