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I know I’ve mentioned somewhere before one of my many brilliant ideas. I’ll tell you what it is because it WILL bring clients to you. But you’ve got to promise me you’ll do it. Okay, here goes. Remember that nice little exchange we got going on private investigator licensing (15 comments!), over at Crime and Federalism? Well, there’s more momentum. Kempblog, an Indiana attorney riffed on my recent “traffic judge” topic. He found PI News Link, stayed for a comment, then wrote about it at his site.

Blah, blah, blah. What’s in it for me, you say? Here’s the brilliant part, and the promise that you’ll keep…. If you comment on blog postings, at this site or around the Net, you’ll get noticed. The comment section has a place for your name and url. The more activity, the further up in the search engines you go, the greater the attention and, you fill in the rest.


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