Who’s a Rat – database of those who do and tell

December 1 UPDATE: This site was just shut down, possibly because of the heat on the Web site owner due to his own legal troubles. The last cached version from The Wayback Machine is April 24, 2006.

Who’s A Rat is an online searchable database of criminal “informants and agents”. The site also has a message board where participants post requests for information on individuals.

A federal judge cited this database, proposing that “judges consider sealing documents or hearing transcripts” to prevent the release of names of informants. Read the posting at Grits For Breakfast.


One thought on “Who’s a Rat – database of those who do and tell

  1. I think that a website like whosarat.com is a great idea. It puts the law back in the publics hands, with the protection of free speach. We all know that corruption is part of the law, have you ever heard a case where the witness is another drug dealer and was allowed to continue selling drugs to people, as long as they continued to co-operate with the police or a woman cries rape, and is allowed to work as an under-age stripper in a stripclub until she testifies? What I’m trying to say, is your allowing people to break one law, to catch someone breaking another law,……… that’s corruption

    True witnesses, have nothing to fear from websites posting their names, true victims of crime have nothing to fear from websites posting their names. The truth is the truth, and the facts are the facts. We’re supposed to live in an honest and open society, remember? No secret trials, no secret juries…everyman has the right to face his accuser and their credibility should be tested publically, and openly. What if you were the accused, would you want a fair trial?

    I hope there are a lot more of these sites, it will tip the balance of justice to being more fair.

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