Twitter Tweets about Public Records as of June 9, 2009

PIbuzz: State Traffic Safety Legislation Database – 50 states.
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PIbuzz: One of my favorite power searchers, Greg Notess, writes about Bing — its strengths and how to search.
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PIbuzz: RT @carlmalamud: … lawyers have any idea how much per seat access to "unlimited usage of Basic National Westlaw online" might be in $$?
2009-06-08 20:57:28 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: Lookup Los Angeles County traffic violations by driver license number and date of birth.
2009-06-08 20:31:51 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: RT @MarkRosch: RT @resourceshelf: FTC Approves Final Consent Order Related to Reed Elsevier NV and ChoicePoint Inc.
2009-06-08 16:07:15 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: Data on the different types of property tax in all 50 states.
2009-06-08 15:43:34 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: If newspapers that publish government salary and employee name databases close and govt won’t publish it, will non profits ? Who will?
2009-06-07 20:07:00 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: Why does the Denver Post block its Colorado state government salary data from Google indexing? Says it’s a public record.
2009-06-07 19:53:07 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: Louisiana City Attorney: disclosing City business=job loss — defies presumption of disclosure in public records law.
2009-06-07 01:38:15 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: California class action challenges county Recorders on high document fees. Property docs are much less for title co’s.
2009-06-06 19:59:57 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: Are companies hiring info pros to do Internet reputation research, or just setting up automated alerts? Well crafted search queries needed!
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PIbuzz: RT @PrivacyLaw: WI illegally sold records @PIbuzz: Wisconsin: A DPPA violation. MO:
2009-06-05 19:30:27 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: RT @AncestryInsider: California Death Index: @PIbuzz Lesson: Check all public record sources!
2009-06-05 18:51:49 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: RT @ResearchBuzz: (Can’t wait for "Twitter goes to municipal government offices") lb @PIbuzz Gov. talk is just 1-way.
2009-06-05 17:45:46 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: The invisible hand of computer technology purges government public records without messy human decision making.
2009-06-05 17:38:25 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: RT @ResearchBuzz: GMail – lb (I love a post about getting most from search operators. Aaaah.) lb ? life be w/o them?
2009-06-05 17:12:29 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: Indiana – search corporation names and view documents on file with the Secretary of State Business Services Division.
2009-06-04 20:08:09 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: See: RT @nikiblack: RT @allisonshields: Hot topics for women in the legal profession?? Pls RT, too! #pilife
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PIbuzz: Updated government pay links for New York, Connecticut and Iowa.
2009-06-04 00:28:33 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: @svpeterson I post links to online searchable databases of government salaries.
2009-06-03 22:10:14 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: Third-party Web tracking: How does it affect anonymous online investigations by info researchers?
2009-06-03 21:03:06 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: California legislation that is top priority for investigators: #pilife #aiip
2009-06-03 20:02:43 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: Ca Assoc. of Licensed Investigators Conf., June 11-13, Burlingame. Keynote: Jim Cooney, Duke LaCrosse Defense Attorney.
2009-06-03 19:51:01 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: Investigative database provider IRB taps extensive customer base of private investigators for social networking venture.
2009-06-03 19:41:41 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: RT @TimKoster: "Neighbor Alert" Shows by zip code who has moved into the area with a criminal record.
2009-06-03 18:36:32 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: Today’s training tip in database and Internet research: Wildcard search Alameda County FBNs. Example: %sweeper. Try it :
2009-06-03 01:46:05 · Reply · View

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