Twitter Tweets about Public Records as of June 10, 2009

PIbuzz: Most employees and managers violate company computer security policies – even when they know it.
2009-06-10 01:50:35 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: EPA – Track and plot on a map by zip code: eco conditions, facts, hazardous sites, enforcement actions & more.
2009-06-10 01:34:03 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: @MarkRosch You know I’ve got the newspaper public records at (salaries) and others at ?
2009-06-10 01:28:56 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: Search for People On the Internet – referYes; find profiles and resumes: Google, Yahoo, Facebook etc.
2009-06-09 18:56:10 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: Recent revision of "Legal, Factual and Other Internet Sites for Attorneys and Legal Professionals"
2009-06-09 18:18:37 · Reply · View

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