Twitter Tweets about Public Records as of June 29, 2009

PIbuzz: Search across Southwest Ohio local government by name for agency & wages, 1998-2008. name #opengov #ohio
2009-06-21 23:54:41 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: RT @MarkRosch: Stay alert and on Twitter to snag fast-moving travel deals
2009-06-21 16:22:43 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: RT @ResearchBuzz: ResearchBuzz » Washington State’s WWI Service Cards Now Searchable Online —
2009-06-21 16:15:27 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: California Department of Motor Vehicle Court Code Numbers, 2008:
2009-06-20 22:30:49 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: Government employees: updates for Delaware, Iowa, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Washington.
2009-06-19 22:06:20 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: Household Goods Mover Registration Search – US DOT – search by state or company.
2009-06-19 03:41:51 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: RT @idexperts: RT @doza: Bozeman has job applicants give their UN and PW to social networking sites Lawyers take note..
2009-06-18 23:20:02 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: GAO: IDENTITY THEFT:Governments Have Acted to Protect Personally Identifiable Information, but Vulnerabilities Remain ttp://
2009-06-17 20:20:01 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: California statewide new TOS requires agreement that the viewer is a victim or witness to a crime. Isn’t this a public record?
2009-06-17 19:46:24 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: "I certify that I am a victim or witness of crime in California and entitled to information about the offender associated with my case."
2009-06-17 19:43:21 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: City of North Las Vegas offender search has been added to VineLink.
2009-06-17 01:03:28 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: RT @MargotWilliams: GovTwit government Twitter directory of fed, state, local, agencies, more
2009-06-16 17:03:43 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: Oregon: searchable database of the unclaimed dead, those whose burial was paid by the Indigent Burial Fund, 2000-2009.
2009-06-16 06:40:18 · Reply · View

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