Twitter Tweets about Public Records as of July 6, 2009

PIbuzz: #PA home improvement contractors search: By keyword, location or partial name to get profile w/ add, phone,URL, AKAs.
2009-07-06 21:39:47 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: @DE_PI Private investigators see IRB XChange for current discussion about the legalities/ethics of viewing SN profiles.
2009-07-06 19:05:07 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: #Idaho Law doesn’t keep govt from deleting emails, even though those e-mails can be considered public record. #opengov
2009-07-06 17:48:50 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: Government workers names and salaries databases updated for: CA FL GA OH IL MA MI MD MN TN WV.
2009-07-06 04:09:00 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: California: Database of boating facilities and marinas. Query by name, location fr a Google site search.
2009-07-03 15:40:57 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: California: Motor Vehicle Traffic Collision Reports and Statistics:
2009-07-03 15:26:30 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: California Farm Labor Contractor License Holders, Denials, Suspensions and Revocations:
2009-07-03 15:18:32 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: California gov RSS/email: Local/state on Twitter:
2009-07-03 15:13:46 · Reply · View
PIbuzz: Minnesota: Putting personal information on the Internet satisfies an invasion-of-privacy claim.
2009-07-03 04:33:02 · Reply · View

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