The year 2006 in legislation

Federal legislation that is awaiting the President’s signature:

H.R. privacy related 4709: Telephone Records and Privacy Protection Act of 2006 (Passed Both Chambers)
Passed Senate by Unanimous Consent.
To amend title 18, United States Code, to strengthen protections for law enforcement officers and the public by providing criminal penalties for the fraudulent acquisition or unauthorized disclosure of phone records.

Review legislation that was enacted in the state legislatures in 2006 by topic: identity theft, breach of information, event data recorders, the use and recording of social security numbers and financial privacy. The California Office of Privacy Protection lists privacy related legislation that was enacted in California in 2006.

Federal legislation that we may face in 2007: H.R. 5304: Preventing Harassment through Outbound Number Enforcement Act

H.R. 5126: Truth in Caller ID Act of 2006

Senator Leahy, the incoming Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has announced his intention to reintroduce S.B.1789: Personal Data Privacy and Security Act of 2005. Leahy referred to this legislation in remarks he made to the Georgetown University Law Center.

Senator Specter and I have worked on a good data privacy bill that was reported by the Committee two years ago but never taken up by the Senate. The proliferation of data brokers and the burgeoning market for collecting and selling personal information intrude on the privacy of all Americans.

View the video of Sen. Leahy’s speech, Ensuring Liberty and Security Through Checks and Balances: A Fresh Start for the Senate Judiciary Committee in the New 110th Congress.


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