Search more and better

The is a Beta test business search engine that trolls the business news and business web, retrieves your keyword results, and organizes the results into folders.

Identify search engines within specialty fields using the uncluttered FinderSeeker. This site is the search engine of search engines. The category of Legal returned more than 100 sites, from public records proprietary databases to government codes. Narrow your search for professionals on the internet at Ziggs, which claims to have 1.7 million names.

Single topic search engines, such as this free trademark database, which catalogues both U.S. Federal and Canadian records, are handy for targeted research. is a meta search engine that pulls search-term results from many search engines. Searches can be grouped by search engine source.

Then, if you need to validate the information you found on the Web, go to these fact-checking Web sites:, for urban legend by topic. Political misrepresentations can be corrected at or at the Spinsanity blog.


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