~ Prosecutorial Misconduct “Harmful Error” Database ~

The Center for Public Integrity, Harmful Error project details the state of prosecutorial misconduct through scholarly analysis and case studies. They’ve compiled a FREE national searchable database, drawn from appellate court decisions, in which the defense alleged prosecutorial misconduct. A search can be conducted by state, defendant name, and prosecutor name. A search limited by California returned about 100 citations; Alabama cases returned twice as many. California cases don’t seem to have the prosecutor listed but other states do. Be sure to read their methodology. Here’s a result example:

Details for case: People v. Gaines
DEFENDANT:Gaines, Maurice
Jurisdiction:Solano County
Case:People v. Gaines
Citation:54 Cal.App.4th 821
Date Issued:4/28/1997
Was the misconduct ruled harmless error or prejudicial conduct: Prejudicial Conduct
If the court did not address the prosecutorial misconduct or ruled it harmless error, does a dissenting or concurring judge believe the misconduct was more serious than the majority did: Not Applicable


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