~ Adoption Birth Records: Changes in Access ~

The New Year brings some changes to accessing birth records of adoptees. New Hampshire will allow adult adoptees to obtain copies of their original birth certificates with the names of their biological parents. Read the article

The New Jersey Senate has passed a more restrictive “open access” bill that opens records for adult adoptees born from the point the law goes into effect. Records would be opened for adoptees born and adopted in the past, only if a birth parent does not file an objection to disclosure during a one-year time frame following implementation of the change in law. The passage of the bill in the Assembly is pending. Read the article

The reality game show, not to be upstaged by living reality, is diving into the adoption arena with FOX TV’s, Who’s Your Daddy? Opinions registered by adoption activists fall into different camps. Read the article PI Steven Weisz does the locates. He runs a company that specializes in locating separated friends and family.


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