~ more government employees may be removed from public records ~

California SB 506 will add an additional group of public officials to the roster of those whose personal data is confidential. Keep this idea filed in the back of your hat. When subject to a potential threat, various government employees may apply to have their address and other identifiers removed from public records. In its current form, SB 506 deems the application for closure a public record. If the document exists, you’ll know that the subject has convinced another public official that “a life threatening circumstance” exists that impels the request for confidentiality.

This bill would require a local elections official to extend this confidentiality of voter registration information to specified public safety officials, upon application, as specified, for a period of no more than two years, if the local elections official is authorized to do so by his or her county board of supervisors. The application of a public safety official would be a public record.


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