~ california attorney general is presented with more questions about public records access ~

California Attorney General Bill Lockyer is seeking comments on several questions that have been submitted for opinions regarding access to public records. One query, from Assembly Member Jay La Suer (R-La Mesa), implies that some politicians view journalists as lower life forms:

With respect to a request for the address of an individual arrested by a law enforcement agency, where the requester declares under penalty of perjury that the request is made for a journalistic purpose (Gov. Code section 6254, subd. (f)(3)), may the agency require that the requester present subscriber lists, distribution lists, copies of past publications, proof of membership in a press trade association, display a press identification permit issued by a California law enforcement agency, or qualify as a journalist in a judicial action (e.g., Evid. Code section 1070, Gov. Code sections 6020-6027?

And turn your pockets inside out while you’re at it!


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