~ Google saves your web searches effortlessly ~

Google’s My Search History feature, still in Beta, is better than the Internet Explorer Favorites folder for saving search results. My Search History automatically saves your search terms as you enter them in the search bar, listing the websites you visit under each search term. You can keep a running list of selected sites which are preorganized. Here’s an example.

I entered the search terms which are listed as the first hyperlink. Underneath that are the two websites I visited. If you search a term but don’t go to a site, My Search History still saves it.

attorneys “ask questions”
The Five Main Steps of a Trial California juries have been … – 7:27pm
American Lawyer Media’s Law.com – Ask a Simple Question – 7:25pm
www.law.com/jsp/law/sfb/lawArticleSFB.jsp?id=11129910102 70

Set up a Google Groups, Gmail or Google Alerts account then log in and select My Search History under Google Labs.


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