~ and what’s so special about zabasearch ? ~

People have asked me to write about zabasearch.com, so I can’t avoid it any longer. David Lazarus at the SF Chronicle finds it “scary”. He wrote about it again, providing additional company details.

Zabasearch is a more aggressive marketing tool for selling background searches to the general public. It exudes the same wild west scent of its siblings, the numerous other single search Internet retail data sellers that make private investigators and legitimate data providers cringe. These quick buck merchants come and go while those of us who are professionals, providing services to attorneys, businesses and law enforcement are left to take the blame.

In the “terms” link at the bottom of the site page zabasearch associates itself with Peopledata, Inc. This California corporation’s President, Nicholas Matzorkis, can be found on zabasearch. Another company of his, US Search, has elicited some complaints and the Better Business Bureau, which links Zaba and Peopledata, rates this company as unsatisfactory. I’m sure that Nick would appreciate a phone call: 877-385-4020. This is a business line. His home number in unlisted.


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