Free real property search by owner

This is more of an Internet research tip than a pointer to a specific site. Many of the County Assessor website’s real property searches don’t return property owner names or enable a search by property owner. The Recorder sites are searchable by owner but don’t associate an address. Some cities have launched their own property databases, with GIS mapping, returning property owner details, in counties where the Assessor site doesn’t.

The City of Emeryville in California has a Mapped Real Estate Parcel Database that is searchable by owner name, and provides an aerial view of the property. You wouldn’t find this resource at the logical landing pad, the County Assessor site. After this post, it might even appear in Searchsystems!


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  1. You are one with us now… Hey did you ever add the Kern County Court index to searchsystems? I wrote about this a few weeks ago. Now Kern has all its court indexes online, for free!

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