Find people in the U.S. Military

Visit the Web site for the National Archives, the repository for U. S.military personnel and other federal government records, for a list of the personal information available without an authorization of active duty and retired military. The Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act site (IE only) returns instant verification of current active military status but the fields are more restrictive than those offered in a mailed FOIA request.

Limited personal employment information – position titles and occupational series, grades, annual salary rates, duty stations, and position descriptions for the present and the past – is also available on civilians who have worked for the military.

The U.S. National Archives Web site indexes the Archives’ holdings and has searchable databases of personal information on current and former military personnel. Browse the list of all subject databases by category. Here are a few of the military databases.

    Records of Awards and Decorations of Honor During the Vietnam War, documenting the period 12/1965 – 11/1972

database description / database search

    Records of Deceased, Wounded, Ill, or Injured Army Personnel, Including Dependents and Civilian Employees, created, documenting the period 1/1/1961 – 12/1981

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Review the list of the NARA military databases.


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  1. Hello Im looking for someone called “Brown” maybe, He was stationed in Ft. Bragg NC in 1976 maybe longer. He was a friend of my uncle Marvin Frazier whom was also in the military. I was told he may have had a sister who live in NC also.He could be my father…Whats hard is my whole 40yrs and I no clue who I look like.

  2. Hello, i am looking for my father. He war an american african US Staff Sergeant.
    He was stationed 1968 in Germany, Bamberg in the Warner Barracks, after his Duty in Vietnam. But left January 1969 for his Hometown, bevor he knew, that my Mother was Pregnant.
    His name is Fred Redding (maybe Frederick…he was called Fredy) and was born 1938.
    I dont know his hometown, i dont have a picture of him…and my Mom told me many years that he was killled in Vietnam…i know is was very hard to cope for her, having a coloured Baby in Germany and maybe it was easery for her, telling everyone that he was dead…
    on Monday (June 19,2017) i found out the truth.. and know im trying my best to find him..he must be over 80 Years…an I pray tha he is still allive….maybe i have Half-Sisters or brothers.
    Maybe somebody can hel me
    Thanks for your time

  3. I suspect my father is 1st lt Eric Miller of Sewickley, Pa.a born 1966. I also believe he met my mother during his assignment @Hill AFB with @23rd Tactical Fighter Wing; He died(Sept-1991) in an A-10 training mission accident Baton rouge. I would love a picture of him.

  4. I am looking for my father, Charles E. Sherman. He was station in RI between 1963 and 1965, he could have been either stationed in Newport RI or Quonsett Point, North Kingstown, RI. He met my mother her name was Gloria Bernard/Anderson. She had four children when she met him. He was also married and from what i was told he had to son’s- i believe there names were Ronald and Raymond and a daughter Margaret Ann. I believe my mother said he was from California. He is not listed on my birth certificate but is listed on my baptism record. If anyone knows how i can find him i would appreciate any help.

  5. Looking for my biological father. Not sure he knows I exist. All I have is that is name is probably Daniel or Danny Esposito and that he was stationed in NAVSTA Roosevelt Roads in Ceiba Puerto Rico around 1972 and 1973. He is Filipino. My biological mom’s name is Marissa. Her last name at the time was Rivera; Marissa Rivera. My name is Jose Rivera, I’m currently 42 years old.

  6. I am looking for my biological father, Louis Mancuso. He would be around 70-75 years old. He was from New York. He was in the Air Force and was at Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina in 1964. I have never met him and I don’t know anything else about him. I don’t know if he is still alive. I would love to know more about him and his family. I would like to know family medical history. If you know anything or if you served with him in the Air Force I would love to hear from you.

  7. Missing since 1992. Phil Cunningham, a friend of mine in A Co 1/6th Inf Vilseck Germany 1990-1991. He left in 92 after his cover was blown by his wife Lisa. Turned out he was an informant for CID, and several soldiers were arrested, connected to the base/german Nazi group. Long story. Last seen in Frankfurt a day later leaving for the states. I have bits and pieces of info that he dropped before things happened. The info makes sense now, including his possible real name. If this sounds like something you’d be able to help with, let me know. John 818 934 6000

  8. I am looking for my father Robet Leonard Hunter. He lived in LA in 1975 and joined the military in 1976. His father was a doctor and his step mother was a nurse.


  10. I am looking for a member of the US army called Joe. I don’t know his last name. He is from Wisconsin, 29 years old, married and recently spend a vacation in Las Vegas. He said he`s a captain, but I am not sure if I got that right or he was talking about someone else. I really need to get in contact with him.

  11. I am looking for my father by the name of melvin raines who served in the us army in south korea in the 1970s or any of his family members.

  12. i am trying to find a friend major mark joshua evert aged 45 based in kabul, afghanistan
    origanily from advance north carolina U.S.A

  13. HI I am looking for my father. I have never met him. He was in the Army. Stationed at the Clark Airforce Base, Angeles City, Philippines. His probably around 62-63 yrs of age. His birthday is in February (not sure of the date) .He left when my mother was 8 months pregnant in 1970. My family had pictures/SSN # of him but Mt Pinatubo errupted and destroyed everything. His name is Frank Pantalio (Pantaleo). Not sure of the spelling. Ive been looking for him since I was in high school and Im now 40. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME.

  14. Hello, I am an orphan in search of my father, black American soldier named “Thomson”, based in South Korea.He left within 70 to 74 years in the U.S. with my mother (which I do not know the name) …
    I am a father now and I am looking for memories of my past …
    I was born on 12 november 1969 Na Joo, Seoul ..
    Today, I live in France.
    If anyone can help me to know who I am .. Thanks.

  15. Hi,
    I am searching for David Parker. In the nineties, he was based in Germany, Bavaria, Hohenfels for more than 6 years, I think. I can’t remember the correct years, because at that time I was a mere  13 years old. I will now tell you something about Dave: Originally ha comes from the Lake Michigan, where his parents still live. Because of the us military he came to Germany and worked at the Hohenfels army base. Some day he met my arnt Ingrid from Ratisbon and they became sweathearts. So he became part of our family.
    Around 2003, he had to leave back to the USA, and we lost contact. Now it is the most fervent wish of my sister Ines (15) and me, to find him. I hope anybody reads this and perhaps can help us.
    Lisa Schmidt from Germany
    PS: sorry, my english is not that great 😉

  16. I am trying to locate my boyfriend. He was being depoyed from Mayport, Fl in Oct 2008. He said he was being stationed in Italy. And i have yet to hear anything from him. It has been almost 11 months. There has been no activity on his phone. I have tried to contact his email account through the navy but have not gotten a response. I really just want to know that he is alive and well, whether that be because he cannot contact me, or because he does not want to be with me anymore. please help!!!!!!

  17. hi! how can i get an email address of some one in the military who is currently on duty? i know his name and where he is currently operational. its very important i get in touch with this person. but im not from the US and this person is not family, please please help.

  18. Hi! My name is Barbie Oliver! I am searching for my father. AS far as I know, he does not know I exist. He graduated basic training with my uncle, Jerry Cox, in March of 1972 from Fort Polk Louisiana. All I have is my uncle’s’ yearbook from training. He was in Company D, Fifth Battalion, Second BCT Brigade (D-3-5). His name is John Cook as listed in this book. My Mom thinks his full name was Johnathon Wayne Cook III. She also believes his father was a high ranking officer in the army at the time. Any and all elp would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Thank you in advance,
    Barbie Oliver

  19. I have been doing much research on locating my father.   I have looked at Microfilm from 1970 to 1973 on the local newspaper and Fort Carson newspaper, Telephone and City directory.  Public Library, college Library and of course all kinds of websites? All dead ends.  I have written letters to my local senator’s office, in requesting an FIOA of units for 1972.  I have had no luck in finding US Army Registers, Morning Reports, Unit Histories, Muster rolls, Unit diaries, Journals, Yearbooks? Well this is what I know according to my mother. I was born in March of 1973.  I am 36 years old today my mom said that back then he was about 21 so that would make him 58 years old today? I don’t believe my father was an officer judging by his age (21) maybe he was an enlisted man?   She said that he was Puerto Rican and that back then everyone called him by Gonzalez, so she is not quite sure on his first name but thinks it was Angel? My Auntie is sure his name is Angel Luis Gonzalez (Louis). He was stationed at Fort Carson , Colorado 1970, 1972 & 1973.  She remembers that he lived with a friend by the name of David Salazar.  Other friends of his were Victor Josino (Jusino), Robert DelValle, Jose Rivera, Jose Cabrera  also my mother remembers that he lived on the west side of town with David Salazar.  She said when she found out she was pregnant with me my dad was dishonorable discharged from Ft. Carson CO and sent home, she thinks maybe New York or Puerto Rico she is not sure. He was discharged from Fort Carson Colorado . NARA in Denver , they only have records of Registers of Enlistments in the U.S. Army from 1798-1914 U.S Federal Population Census Schedules 1790-1930, Indian Census Rolls, 1885-1940, U.S. Customs Dept. ship’s passenger arrival lists 1820-1906, (Revolutionary War military services records 1820-1975 I took a look and nothing.) Returns from US Military Posts 1851-1917.  The response I got from St. Louis is the following: In order to search for unit rosters, morning reports we need a complete unit organization and a three month period to search, to include a Company, Battalion, Regiment.  Date: 8/24/07 Prepared by Records Retrieval Branch National Personnel Records Center . So this is what I did I paid a researcher from St. Louis, MO to get me the List of Unit Names for Fort Carson Co in 1972 of the 4th infantry.  I have requested the  units several times from the NARA in St. Louis MO & Washington and have not received anything?   Still no luck even with this info?  Please let me know if you could help me? I appreciate all and if any information that would help me in my search. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks Antonia 

  20. Hi, I am looking for Relatives of Charles Edvard Thomas born 1. or 2. of desember 1922 or 1923, brother John Thomas, mother W.K.Dent, last known adress 425, 10th. Street Bowling Green K.Y. USA.

  21. Hello, i am from holland and i am looking for my girlfriend christien couch, her husband phil couch was in the militairy as a bombexpert. they lived in holland for i think 5 years and i met her in the hospital in zeist. the last time i have seen her was when she came to holland for a week, after that she went to saoudi arabia where they where sattled on the base there. please can anybody help me finding her. mail me please!

  22. I was hoping someone would advice me or help point me in the right direction in helping my family and I find someone,,,

  23. I am looking for a guy that was in the air force and he did his schooling in Biloxi MS in 1991. april, may of that year. He was leaving there and going to Turkey. I know that he was from Kentucky. His name is Robert Martin and I believe he was a JR. He will be between 36 and 40 but I am sure he was a year or two from me so about 38. If anyone could help, I would love to know. I have paid several search sites and never have had any luck they just keep wanting money.

  24. I am searching for an Army buddy of my father. The gentleman’s name is Phil Mckinney they were stationed together in Nurenburg Germany in the early 1970’s.

  25. I am trying to locate my 1/2 brothers and sister need some help my father I have never met he lived in mesa arizonia and died in sept of 06. cant find an obit for him can any one help.

  26. Bob we might be able to help you, send us a email and we will repond to it.
    Bob Couture
    C & C Investigations & Security, Inc.
    Auburn, Ma.

  27. I am searching for my father Arthur Thomas. We have never known each other. He was in the Army in 1951, overseas, which means he enlisted in 1950. He was 21 years old in 1951.He was from the Newark/Irvington Neew Jersey area, white,of Welsh decent dropped out of HS in 9th grade and was an auto mechanic.Can his Army records be found?
    Bob Hafetz

  28. Great site. I recently found out that one of my fellow soldiers during RVN ’67-’68 had died in 1998 of cancer. We were in the midst of Agent Orange (documented)and hope his family knew this fact and followed up.

  29. Dear K.Mun,

    I would like to assist you if you would like. I am not a licensed private investigator as of yet but I have experience searching for people. I have been able to track down my husbands family back 3 generations, and have found family he didn’t even know he had. If you would like some help searching I would be glad to help. You can email you response. If I don’t hear from you I understand. I wish you great luck in your search.


    Stacey Zellmer

  30. I am helping my husband search for his father. We know he was in the Army from at least 1969-1972, that he was station at the Itaewon base in Seoul, South Korea during that time, and his first and last name and approximate age. My husband’s mother is Korean and we don’t think his parents were ever married. Is any department in the Army responsible to assist “war children” in finding their parents? What is the best way to proceed in searching for him?

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