Find a California private investigator Qualified Manager license or a denial of license

The California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) Web site has added a search by business owners, principals or qualified managers to its “Verify A License” lookup. BSIS regulates security guards, private investigators, repossessors, locksmiths and alarm company operators. Previously, the BSIS site could only be searched by business name. Go to any license lookup, scroll to the bottom of the query form to find the link to search the business owners, principals or qualified managers, or just save this link to your bookmarks manager. This query searches across all the BSIS licenses at once.

While you’re at the BSIS site check the “Denial Licenses Report” – a database of application denials from 2005 to the present, including the “Firearm Qualification Denial List”.

This list includes application denials for the following licenses: Security Guard (Lic. Type: G), Firearm Qualification (Lic. Type: FQ), Alarm Company Agent (Lic. Type: ACE), Private Investigator (Lic. Type: PI), and Repossession Agency Employee (Lic. Type: RAE), Locksmith Company (Lic. Type: LCO), Locksmith Company Employee (Lic. Type: LOC), Training Facility Firearm (Lic. Type: TFF). Applicants within each category are listed alphabetically by last name.

You’ll see (if you get this far) that the license denials are not in a searchable database. But you know the get-around for this, right? In this example I’m searching the last name “Campbell”.


One thought on “Find a California private investigator Qualified Manager license or a denial of license

  1. Regarding the PI BSIS database. I wish they would have left well-enough alone. I wonder why they added the tracking system?

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