Fee Increase for Recording Documents in West Virginia

(Special contribution by Michael Sankey of BRB Publications, Inc.)

Effective June 8, 2008, the recording fee for each document recorded in West Virginia recording offices will increase by $5.00. There is no fee increase for document searches, copies or certifications.

The new fees will be as follows:
Deed will be $36.00; Deed of Trust will be $16.00; Amendment will be $16.00; and Assignment or Release will be $11.00. Thanks to the folks at Ernst Publishing for their assistance on clarifying each of the new fees.
The fee increase was part of S.B. 622 which can be found here.

If you read the bill, please be aware it is somewhat confusing. The bill does not contain language that says “there is a $5.00 fee increase,” but instead mentions monetarily the segments that make-up the entire cost of recording.


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