Database of the Day: Idaho Pending and Closed Court Cases

Idaho court records index for all 44 counties is online at the Idaho State Judiciary, Supreme Court Data Repository. Search by partial name for records from 1995 forward (some older cases may be available, according to the court Web site). The search form suggests that date of birth is a required field, but I found that a search by name only worked.

The index lists party names, city and state of residence, county of filing, case numbers, charges (or case type, in civil filings), filing or violation date, disposition and register of actions. Year of birth is listed on criminal cases. If a case has been sealed, that is noted. The cases are sorted by county. If there’s more than one case for that person in the selected county those are all listed on one page.


2 thoughts on “Database of the Day: Idaho Pending and Closed Court Cases

  1. Doesn’t anyone have a website to do searches that is completly free? I have a court website in Idaho that lists the ROA’s on people and it doesn’t COST A PENNY!! Why doesn’t this publication have sites to assist on research material that doesn’t cost anything? Have the time when you pay for the information that you get from these pay sites – it is not what you really need.

    Can anyone write an article or send me information on nationwide sites that are really FREE and not just conning us into paying them?

    Thank you.

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