Exposing Invisible Linkedin Profiles To Retrieve Resumes

Are you gathering names of people who work at a company? Searching for those through Linkedin may return an invisible profile if you’re not in the network of that individual. Your Linkedin network consists of your 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree connections and your group members. The more connections, the more full profiles available to you. With names and detailed profiles you can also see resumes.

In this case, I was identifying people who attended Ivy Tech Community College. I wanted to compare the content of their Linkedin profile — their education and employment — with what they stated in a resume as part of a due diligence investigation. I was reviewing resumes uploaded to their Linkedin site.
Invisible Profile of Linkedin Member
Wouldn’t you prefer having this appear in your sidebar while viewing the invisible profile?

Unblock Linkedin Profiles

Now, search the name at bing.com to get the profile URL.

Linkedin Profile at Bing

Paste that URL into a private viewing web browser.

Private Linkedin Profile

This is what we want to view and download.

See Resume

If the Linkedin resume is stored at their slideshare.net account, you can find that through a search query at Google like this (I’m doing all of this in an incognito browser session):

Slideshare Resume Search

Select the top entry link. This takes you to the full resume, which you can then download.

Slideshare resume download

More on the limitations and workarounds for searching Linkedin resumes: The Adventures of Your LinkedIn Resume


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