4 thoughts on “California Public Records Act requests denied

  1. Carlsbad, CA was rated number one in Southern CA for providing information according to the local San Diego news agencies. Refreshing to have our local agency thought of so highly. Tied for first place with Coronado, CA I believe, another local agency.

  2. The Sacramento City Attorney is taking the low road, not presuming openness. You’re exactly right, they are required to provide name, address and a summary of the incident. The next step would be to quote that portion of the PRA in a follow-up request. I’ll keep everyone posted!

    I hope you’ll continue to tell your tales of the ins and outs of dealing with public agencies at your blog.

  3. They didn’t agree to provide the non-protected information. The information such as the location and name of anybody arrested. I have a hard time reading your request but it appears that they did a broad catch-all exception without explanation. The question is, What are you going to do about it?

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