California EMT Registry

Formal disciplinary actions against a California Emergency Medical Technician are now be available as a public record, thanks to AB 2917, which was signed in to law in 2008.

The Emergency Medical Services Personnel Directory Lookup/Verification provides the public with certification and licence status and type of EMT’s, specified by Section 1797.117 of the Health and Safety Code.

The legislation details the personal information that is a public record, which is similar to that available on other California professional licensees.

The information made available to the public through the centralized registry system shall include all of the following data elements: the full name of every individual who has been issued an EMT-I or EMT-II certificate or EMT-P license, the name of the entity that issued the certificate or license, the certificate or license number, the date of issuance of the license or certificate, and the license or certificate status.


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