~ when did the FBI know? ~

The MSNBC account of the unauthorized intrusion into the Choicepoint database is all over the news. I’m puzzled how 30,000 letters could be sent to California residents noting the possible compromise of personal data stored on the Choicepoint databases and only one news outlet reported it. The FBI website has a shrouded reference to a commercial email service on which there was a potential compromise to the FBI emails. MSNBC previously reported on the access to bank computers by hackers.

But the Choicepoint scenario sounds much more businesslike. “50 fake companies had been set up and then registered with ChoicePoint to access consumer data …” Apparently in 2000 ChoicePoint had a problem with Pennsylvania DMV records being sold to third parties.

One’s imagination doesn’t have to wander very far to gather a sense of the renewed firestorm that could alight on Capital Hill.


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