~ Vehicle and Accident Databases ~

There is no comprehensive nationwide source for specific vehicle or traffic violation information. States maintain separate databases of vehicles registered in their state. Except for the insurance industry proprietary database the sources for vehicle violation information are limited. The Safe Driving Institute, started by an former traffic cop, disseminates safe driving tips and step-by-step guidance to overturning traffic citations. But the primary value for investigators is their vehicle plate databank of bad drivers. For a fee the searcher can access reports on any plate that has been entered into the Safe Driving system. I think this is built just by public reporting, not court or police records. Unless this service actively gathers this data, it will be of limited investigative value but I guess it could have a deleterious effect on the “bad” driver’s insurance.

One statement at the site piqued my curiosity:

Furthermore, many judges are not lawyers and have little to no legal training, yet they have managed to get elected or appointed to a position requiring them to interpret the law.

Is this true?

“Old school” fun was had by chasing traffic reports on police scanners. Audio feeds are still available at many sites: Live Police Scanner.


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