Utah legislature restricts public records

The Utah House passed HB28,legislation that requires local governments to remove names and addresses from government documents, excepting those that are specifically identified as public records. This amendment to the Government Records Access Management Act creates a fist sized exception that can be wielded by any county clerk.

“This bill provides that, in certain circumstances, an individual’s home address, home telephone number, or personal mobile phone number is a protected record, if the information is required to be provided in order to comply with a law; and by complying with the law and due to the nature of the law the subject of the record has a reasonable expectation that this information will be protected; allows the disclosure of an individual’s home address or phone numbers that are otherwise protected if: the head of the governmental entity determines that the disclosure is mutually beneficial to the subject of the record, the governmental entity, and to the publicby serving a public purpose related to public safety or consumer protection; and the person who receives the record from the governmental entity agrees not to use or allow its use for advertising or solicitation purposes…” [Empasis mine.]

The new legislation was reported in the Salt Lake Tribune.


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