~ upcoming Washington State legislation ~

There are 3 public records bills that have had their first reading this session which Washington investigators may want to follow.

HB 1350 Regarding disclosure of public records.
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Declares that the intent of this act is to make clear that: (1) Agencies possessing records must take every available step to assist and facilitate the identification and disclosure of requested records to the public and may not simply ignore or reject requests for disclosure on the basis they are “overly broad,” and…

HB 1602 Concerning the denial of a public records request because the request is overbroad.
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Amends RCW 42.17.320 to provide that an agency, the office of the secretary of the senate, or the office of the chief clerk of the house of representatives may not deny a public record request on the grounds that it is overbroad.

HB 2138 Limiting access to public records by persons convicted of a gross misdemeanor or a felony.
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Applies to a public record requested by a person convicted of a gross misdemeanor or a felony who is serving a sentence of imprisonment in a federal, state, or county correctional facility in this state or any other state, or who is under the supervision of the department of corrections in the community, unless denial of the record would interfere with the person’s right to mount a criminal defense under the federal and state constitutions.


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