Twitter Tweets about Internet Research as of September 20, 2009

ThompsonPI: Get different versions of an expert’s CV by varying search query. Try: intitle:"first name last name" inurl:lastname "Curriculia Vita"
2009-09-20 22:48:35 · Reply · View
ThompsonPI: Legal expert doesn’t have CV posted on their site? Try search engine query: intitle:"first name middle initial last name" "curriculum vitae"
2009-09-20 22:45:54 · Reply · View
ThompsonPI: Searching for school alumni? Check school on Facebook, select "filters" then "just fans". + check name at school website SN: degree status+
2009-09-18 18:45:26 · Reply · View
ThompsonPI: Another reason to appreciate newspapers: they publish obituaries, which name relatives — harder to ID in old heir locates.
2009-09-18 17:08:15 · Reply · View
ThompsonPI: @skipmax Re: statewide crim database: CA integrated courts will make criminal filings searchable in all counties.
2009-09-18 07:32:48 · Reply · View
ThompsonPI: California :By late 2010 all CA county courts should be linked and searchable online. Read about it and see a screenshot.
2009-09-17 23:08:05 · Reply · View
ThompsonPI: @JuryVox Re: 10 online legal cases that haunt: Apparently texting in court=banned but sex between judge/DA=okay!
2009-09-17 17:59:01 · Reply · View
ThompsonPI: @robhester Re: FaceBook privacy settings: except one must assume nothing on the Internet is priv. 🙂 See privacy inks:
2009-09-17 17:50:10 · Reply · View
ThompsonPI: Search recent Clark County Nevada marriage certificates by bride or groom.
2009-09-16 19:18:45 · Reply · View
ThompsonPI: @richards1000 Isn’t the Martindale-Hubbell Connected open to lawyers only? I don’t know why…
2009-09-15 19:06:13 · Reply · View
ThompsonPI: Filing a Ca Public Records Act request w/ police dept? Ask for "calls for service" and incident reports when search is by address.
2009-09-15 04:10:46 · Reply · View

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