Public records: Missouri – Tennessee – New York – North Carolina

Missouri consumer complaints; Tennessee Sexual Offender Registry; New York removes Social Security numbers; North Carolina adoption confidential intermediary.

The Missouri Attorney General has unveiled a database of filed consumer complaints that can be searched by company name or partial name.The database includes more than 100,000 complaints filed since January 1, 2004. View the complaint number, type of complaint, the number of complaints and the date filed. The site does not provide any information on whether the complaint was pursued by the Attorney General or what the result of any investigation might have been.

The Tennessee Sexual Offender Registry has been expanded to include mapping and photographs of all offenders, and more offenders than were previously on the Web site.

In advance of any state law, the Rockland County, New York Clerk installed software that will remove Social Security numbers from the online version of recorded documents. According to a Journal News article (now removed), New York state tax liens now use a different number than the Social Security number on documents.

North Carolina will marginally facilitate the reconnection of birth parents and the children they relinquished for adoption. If both parties agree, the adoption placement services will act as confidential intermediaries, providing the birth parents and adult children with each other’s contact information.


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