This week in public records – Connecticut – New Jersey

The Connecticut Supreme Court Public Access Task Force report recommends that the criminal index and case dockets be made available online. This action would require a change in state law, according to a Journal Inquirer article.

The Advisory Committee on Professional Ethics of the New Jersey Supreme Court has issued an opinion that clarifies the role an attorney can assume who is also an active law enforcement officer.

The Advisory Committee on Professional Ethics considered an inquiry regarding the propriety of a municipal police officer who is an attorney affiliating with a law firm located in a municipality bordering that in which he serves as police officer. It concluded that RPC 1.7 prohibits the inquirer from representing a criminal defendant in certain matters. The Committee further concluded that, under RPC 1.8(k) and the rationale of the New Jersey Supreme Court in State v. Clark, 162 N.J. 201 (2000), the inquirer may not represent any criminal defendant in Superior Court matters in the same county as the municipality in which he serves.


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