The FOIA news: It’s all bad

It’s not just you. The federal government has become less responsive and more stingy with FOIA requests across agencies and types of requests, according to Still Waiting
After All These Years:An in-depth analysis of FOIA performance from 1998 to 2006
. The report author, Coalition of Journalists for Open Government headlines the findings:

Backlog: Two of every five requests filed in 2006 were not processed

Caseload: Requests fell for the second straight year, but the backlog still increased

Waiting Time: Long waits for information continue

Information Released: Full grants hit an all-time low

Appeals: Don’t bet on winning, the odds are against it

Costs, Efficiency: More spent on processing by fewer hands

FOIA Fees: Charges pay an insignificant part of the costs

Exemptions: Citations on the rise, particularly regarding law enforcement

Expedited Requests: No real gain for those not rejected outright

Apparently the federal government doesn’t fear its citizenry…


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