~ the fight ahead ~

The Electronic Privacy Information Center has private investigators, journalists and anyone who wants to gather personal information, including the public, on their dart board and they’re handing out darts to the Congress. Their proposal, which is likely to be delivered to the FTC and Congress, includes the demand (contravening the Supreme Court) that private investigators be restricted from going through people’s trash and that “federal, state, and local agencies that maintain public record systems must make substantial efforts to limit the disclosure of Social Security Numbers, phone numbers, addresses, and dates of birth.” pdf of the report

EPIC’s view of background checks is to restrict businesses. “Background checks should only be performed in contexts where fiduciary relationships are involved, where a large amount of money is handled, where employment involves care taking, or any of the jobs enumerated by the Employee Privacy Protection Act, 29 U.S.C.Ā§ 2007.”

Access to police records, court files, social security numbers and third party data are all on the chopping block.

Join NCISS, the national organization working the halls of Congress for the private investigator industry.


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