Texas AG Shuts Down USA Skiptrace of Colorado

The Texas Attorney General is employing various media – screen shots, video, press releases and court documents – to broadcast its recent shuttering of USA Skiptrace, AMS Research Services, Inc. and Worldwide Investigations, Inc. for selling consumers’ private telephone records and impersonating those account holders. These businesses were based in Colorado but conducted business in Texas when they called Texas telecommunications companies.

The Office of the Attorney General charged USA Skiptrace with violating the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act. The corporate defendants were ordered to pay $150,000 in civil penalties, with John Strange also responsible for a separate fine of $2,500.

Do you think that the telephone companies might someday send customers automatic email alerts notifying them of inquires?


6 thoughts on “Texas AG Shuts Down USA Skiptrace of Colorado

  1. Steve, well said. And we wonder why we get a bad name…The only possible answer for upgrading the profession rests with the states that have little or no requirements for licensure setting some standards.

  2. I think anyone still scamming telephone companies for personal information needs a double dose of reality as well as a swift kick in the behind! PI’s who don’t heed warnings and make adjustments deserve to go down the toilet! I personally see some of this crackdown as an opportunity to raise the bar of professionalism for an industry that has long ignored such a standard. The only thng worse than a big, bad government is a stupid, lazy PI.

  3. the game is changing with all this idenity theft, fraud and non-license investigator giving out people’s personnel information. Soon all this information will’nt be available to anybody soon not even private investigator. We need to standup tell on people and companies using this information for anything, help put controls in place, and work with Law Enforcement and the three credit companies.

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