State Roundup: Colorado state and county Web sites

The State of Colorado active local governments page is an alphabetical list of all 3000 Colorado counties, municipalities, special assessment districts, school districts and property tax entities. Bookmark the list of links to the home Web pages for Colorado counties and cities.

Sometimes seeing the visual relationship of the counties on a map is helpful, and even better when the county image links directly to the home Web page.

State archives are wonderful repositories for documents that aren’t available at other state or county agencies. Like many of the state archives, Colorado has put an index of its holdings online. The Colorado archive also has searchable indexes to historical military, marriage, divorce, probate and census records. Each result list for the particular type of records returns a name and date. Search by partial name through all of the indexes to develop a list of the records where your search terms appear. You can email this list to the Archive to get a quote on the cost for them to retrieve and copy those records.

Unfortunately, the business entity search at the Secretary of State is too restrictive in the search fields, limited to company or Agent name. But the search results are more extensive, linking to document images corresponding to the type of filing. After a free registration, search the UCC filings by partial individual or company name. The free service does not include document images but it does return the date and type of filing, the debtor names, the secured party and the collateral description.

The Colorado Attorney General doesn’t have a database search for AG opinions. But Google can help! To find the appearance of, for example, the word “conservation” in any AG opinions go to your Google search box and enter your query like this:


This is the results page.

The AG also links to professional license name searches. You can even download records for all licensees by profession.

Search across all professional licensing boards regulated by the Colorado Division of Registrations by licensed individual. The site warns, “While most of the professions and occupations are licensed, others may be registered, certified, or listed. For precise terminology and requirements related to a profession or occupation, please consult the website of the appropriate board or program.”

If you must, view the names, town and (sometimes) photo of the state lottery winners in 2006 and 2007.

Today’s county award goes to Jefferson County. Search for an address by street number only, which returns a list of all addresses with that number. Link to property details, ownership history, parcel mapping and sales information on neighboring properties.


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