So, what is a blog, anyway?

A blog is a web page of bite-sized information blurbs, news items and commentary that is frequently updated. Each entry is called a “post” and is arranged chronologically. Most blogs are tailored to a theme; PI buzz covers topics of interest and benefit to professional investigators and researchers.

Blogs are unique because they’re instant messages to the Internet and they invite the reader to become a participant.(Select the “Comments/No Comments” link at the end of any post and take a trial run. Don’t fear. You can’t break anything.)

Your participation and ideas for future posts keep PI buzz alive.In the right side column is a search function. Enter any word, select search, and get a list of all the entries in which that word has appeared. All of the posts (almost 600) from PI News Link, my former blog, are archived here, and are searchable.

New postings are being slotted into categories (which are listed in the left sidebar), and can be selected to find all the related entries (called tagging).

You can keep current on this site without having to remember to visit by subscribing (The “Newsletter” subscribe window in the top right sidebar.) or through a newsreader. Put “newsreader” in the search window to read my prior elucidation on this utility.

Almost everything on the site is hyperlinked and will take you to something to read or do. The masthead logo will always bring you back to the home page, and that’s comforting.


3 thoughts on “So, what is a blog, anyway?

  1. I am a recently licensed private investigator and have worked in the legal field for over 15 years. I do some small investigating for personal injury cases but I would like to expand out in the field…the only problem is how do I do it? Most pi firms want people with experience …so how do I get the experience if no one is willing to hire? I live in the southwest florida region. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get started? Your comments are greatly appreciated.

  2. I am a big fan of blogs. I currently run two blogs. One for my PI firm and another personal one. I have found that input from the public in regards to PI posts, is invaluable. It gives you a real perspective on views from people outside the industry. I do though, moderate the comments as I learned the hard way that people will post some degrading comments. I also found that email response has increased when I specify “email only” comments.

  3. I’m a huge fan of blogs myself, having run a personal political blog for several years. I think PIBuzz will be a fantastic resource both for investigative tips and techniques but also for keeping up with the news that impacts our industry.

    As for “newsreaders” (or “feedreaders,” as I am prone to calling them) I suggest either Google’s Reader (, though it is still in beta mode, or Bloglines ( I’ve used both of these extensively in the past (currently I am using Google’s product) and have found them both to be first-rate and, best of all, free.

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