Private Investigator in H-P Scandal Pleads Guilty to Identity Theft and Conspiracy

Private investigator, Bryan Wagner, of Littleton, Colorado pleaded guilty on Friday to identity theft and conspiracy charges in United States District Court in San Jose. His sentencing is now scheduled for June 20 in San Jose federal court.

The private investigator admitted to the two felony counts as part of a plea deal based on his obtaining the SSN’s and telephone toll records of journalists, former Hewlett-Packard directors, and their family members.

Mr. Wagner admitted to “pretexting” the telephone companies into releasing their records. He admitted to using personal information to set up online accounts in the names of several people to access their telephone toll logs and billing records.

Mr. Wagner’s lawyer, Stephen Naratil, stated his client was the “little guy” who was tricked by others into thinking the investigative method he used was legal. He also said that Mr. Wagner would testify for prosecutors as they pursue other figures in the case.

The four other defendants associated with this case have all pleaded not guilty. You can read more about this here.

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