PI Uses Her Skills to Land a Boyfriend

Napoleon,MI – Patricia Sroka is a 52 year old private investigator from Michigan. She found herself back in the dating scene after a long marriage ended with the death of her husband. She wanted to make sure she knew a little something about her potential companions. So, she started using her skills and talents as an investigator to find a suitable companion.

Patricia is a licensed investigator and owner of Private Eyes Investigation and Security Services in Napoleon. Tragedy struck more than once when Patricia was involved in a travel-trailer explosion that burned 20 percent of her body.

She started using Cupid.com, an online dating service and met a man named Jerry. After getting his phone number, she immediately began using her skill and resources and within the hour she knew everything she needed to know.

It’s been two years, and Patricia and Jerry are still together. She says,

“I highly recommend going to a professional for people getting into the dating thing. I did it for myself, but that’s because I was really cautious. The fact that I’ve been doing this (as a career), chasing down the cheating boyfriend, I think made me more cautious than the average woman would have been.”


2 thoughts on “PI Uses Her Skills to Land a Boyfriend

  1. I’ve found that a lot of clients who come to me to check out the people they’ve met online are a little embarassed about using a PI. I always tell them that they shouldn’t be. The internet has impacted nearly every facet of the way we live our lives. Our romantic lives are no different, and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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