PI buzz Alert – Dec 2015

Questions About Searching and Finding People?
I’ll be talking about Finding Adoptees and Birth Parents on the Internet radio program, PI’s Declassified! Tune in this Thursday, Dec 17 at 9am Pacific Time. Broadcast on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel. http://www.voiceamerica.com/show/1748/pis-declassified

The New
Everything is new because I haven’t sent out an Alert since last year!

My newest post is about Adoption Search and Reunion, the process and my expanded business: a new website tailored to the adoption aspect of my investigations business. In the post and website I talk about the new unique datasets I’ve acquired that are vital records — births, marriages, mother’s maiden names, divorces– that aren’t available in public records. This is of particular interest to adoptees, birth parents and anyone who is searching for them.

Continuing the vital records theme. Researching a confidential marriage in California is more involved than identifying a publicly recorded marriage certificate. Each county handles this (or not) differently.  I last posted Private Investigator Research Links in August but I add resources many times a week. You can get those in real-time through the OaklandPI Twitter feed or in your RSS reader. Links are of interest to private investigators, journalists and information researchers. Well, that covers about everyone who has curiosity. Recent web resources: Plagiarism Detection Software, BBB Scam Tracker, International Society of Genetic Genealogy and, How to be the James Bond of the Web: 37 Best Marketing Tools to Spy on Your Competitors.

PI buzz Design
Over the past year I’ve (mostly) completed the redesign of the PI buzz website. It’s optimized for mobile platforms; the posts fill the screen and the links to the primary areas of the site are in a drop down menu. Still, the desktop version is more robust and is reconfigured with a menu bar under the header. Hover your cursor over “Government Employees” to see a popup directory of the states, which link to the pages of public salaries databases.

Old But Still Good
The Private Investigator Research Links and all postings are searchable by keyword at PIbuzz.com. Custom search engines are on the Resources tab and any posts can be found by topic in the Categories menu in the right sidebar (desktop version.).

Unrestrained Self-Promotion
Most of my work remains the same as the last time I sent you this gripping report: due diligence research and investigating the background of company executives, litigants, wayward children and others, living and dead, who have gone missing or have something to hide. Genealogy research is far-ranging, both in geography and the needs that prompt it. Finding unidentified or missing heirs. Detailing a family tree and uncovering mysteries of the disappearing relatives. Traveling back to a prior century to clear a Title on a real property by identifying living relatives descended from the parcel owner. And finding birth parents and adoptees and facilitating reunion.

Other Places To Find Me
Content that doesn’t prompt a posting but is still valuable often finds a home at the PI buzz Twitter site and at the Facebook pages for Tamara Thompson Investigations, Adoption Search and Reunion and my Facebook profile page. I engage my professional connections on Linkedin.

You can always reach me at info@pibuzz.com.

Happy reading.


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