~ nothing new under the database sun ~

There don’t seem to be a lot of exciting new elements being added to the content or functionality of proprietary databases. Knowx has added a search tool it imaginatively calls Tracer. The descriptive information at the site is scanty and requires a “professional” level account (obtained with submission of a business or professional license) to use.

Tracer links individuals by common threads by spidering billions of records using KnowX’s R.I.E.C.K. Technology. Search to obtain linked associate records that include addresses, AKAs, maiden names, ages, and more.

Tracer appears to search through only the Knowx databases for criminal, civil, real property and business associations, providing a list of databases where the subject parameters appear. The search can be conducted using first names, cross referencing with associates that share a common address. Then you get the pleasure of paying a high-priced fee for each database. It looks from the price list that a fee of $7.95 is also charged to conduct the search. If anyone discovers differently, let me know and I’ll write an addendum.


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