More tools to find criminal history in New Jersey

The New Jersey online inmate status service on the VINELink database has expanded from covering just county level facilities to Department of Corrections and the State Parole Board. A search at VINELink returns current and former inmates, the controlling agency or facility, the offender’s custody status -whether in or out of custody or under unsupervised custody- and if the offender is out of custody because of a court order, sentence was served, he’s paroled, living at a half-way house or released to his own recognizance. Surprisingly, if the offender’s status has changed due to escape, this is also noted. The inmate number, date of birth, gender, race and alias are listed. Telephone notification is an additional feature.

The New Jersey VINE gathers offender information from New Jersey’s County Jails, the New Jersey Department of Correction, New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission and the New Jersey Parole Board, according to the New Jersey attorney General.


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