Michigan non conviction records now public

The Michigan legislature has revised the Public Records Act to specify that criminal records in which there is not a conviction but an arrest are open to the public, according to this press release from the Michigan State Police.

Additional criminal history information, specifically arrest information pending a conviction, will be available to the public as a result of Public Act 310 of 2005, which establishes a state criminal history record information dissemination law. Previously, Michigan did not have a dissemination law so the state followed federal law which prohibits the release of non-conviction data to non-law enforcement entities.

The criminal records index can be accessed from the State Police site.
[Thanks to BRB for the tip.]


3 thoughts on “Michigan non conviction records now public

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    Also, if you’re using a browser for searching such databases, and you’re NOT using client-side JavaScripting to cut through the open-each-link-and-fill-out-each-form crap, you’re enduring a lot of needless self-punishment. OTOH, that might explain why people will shell out dough for that stale, non-disambiguated crap offered by certain “large commercial providers” (cough).

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