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Wouldn’t it be convenient and a boon to cross-border investigations to be able to search an online index of Mexico court records? An Internet search for a source for these directs you to Westlaw, a collection of legal research and fact-finding databases, costly and beyond the financial reach of most investigators. now includes Mexico civil and criminal index filings from Mexican federal and state courts in its collection of premium (fee-based) databases. Anyone can access the service, but Searchsystems subscribers get a discount. A free name search will return the number of records found in the index, but no other details. Once you enter the subject’s name and pay the fee you’ll be able to view all matching records. The detailed results provide party names, jurisdiction, date, court, docket number and, in criminal filings, the charges. A limitation of the Mexico criminal record indexes, unlike most US ones, is that they don’t contain a defendant’s date of birth. Here’s a image from a search result, or view a sample report at Searchsystems.


Do you know of any other Mexico civil or criminal index databases online?

[2011 Update: This database is no longer at Search Systems because the vendor isn’t making it available.]

4 thoughts on “Mexico Court Record Index Online

  1. Steven, This is the Mexico Court records database that’s now used by the U.S. and Mexico governments.¬† The response time is immediate and there is no charge to find out if there are any results to your query.¬† Check out our coverage page, then contact me at and I’ll set you up with some free searches.
    – Tim Koster

  2. As an active private investigator in Mexico, it would be ideal to have a reliable database as mentioned above, the ugly and unfortunate truth is that the best way to conduct searches down here, remains to visit the correspondent government office, primarily because millions of records have yet to be digitized, and record searches in some counties are still conducted by hand.
    Best Regards, to all my colleagues in the US.

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